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Dudhsagar train Route

Scaling New Heights: A Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa

We all visit GOA or we wish to visit GOA in our lifetime. This time when I was planning my itenary for GOA in September, I had planned a complete day to dedicate to the mighty waterfall “Dudhsagar”. Dudhsagar falls … Read More

Dudhsagar Falls Visit 2018

Goa is not a typical tourist destination, there is not such a large number of tourist buses, and before that there were not many tourists-excursionists. Previously, people came to Goa just to travel independently. Now the influx of holidaymakers is … Read More

Dudhsagar Falls in the March 2018

it is one trip experience of Dudhsagar falls, as We are happy in India proud same to you hope you and to welcome in GOA again time and year life meaning like health trekking way road anywhere , sea, river, … Read More

December Diary – Dudhsagar Falls tourist Photos

The western ghats on goa karnataka border, is an altogether different version of goa. The streams, brookes, waterfalls have a different story to narrate. Walking through the forest area, leads to the massive doodh sagar waterfalls. But the path through … Read More

गोवा में दूध सागर जलप्रपात की रोमांचक सैर

गोवा के भीड़ भाड़ से भरी बीच, बाजार एवं क्लबो की दुनिया से दूर दूध सागर की यह यात्रा साहसिक एवं रोमांचकारी भरी दुनिया हैं । इस जलप्रपात (झरना) की उत्पत्ति कर्नाटक और गोवा सीमा के पास माण्डवी नदी पर … Read More