Enthralling Jeep Safari experiences

Goa is one among the top rated tourist destinations of the Indian subcontinent. Just like the diversity of India, Goa is also much diverse. Apart from the heavenly beaches and delicious foods of Goa land, there are a lot many things to explore there. One among such oozing thing is the jeep safari ride until the popular

Dudhsagar falls to sooth the eyes with amazing beauty of the nature.
Dudhsagar falls has a mythological story behind its name. It is named so because of its milky colour. It really looks like milk falling from the heaven. It is one of the most beautiful and peak situated falls of nature. The off-white milky water falls from a height of approximately 310km which looks nothing less than god showering love upon his children in the form of milk.

Natural Beauty 

It is a must visit place in Goa which is situated at the Western Ghats of Goa near the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park and Mollem National Park. To give yourself this visual delight, you need to book a jeep safari, which will come under your budget. It is 500/person and the vehicle accommodates 7 person at max. If your luck is with you then during the bumpy ride of jeep you may get to see few animals like snake and even birds while crossing the jungle.
After reaching, you can relax yourself with juice and beverages on waterside. You can also jump inside the water with life-jacket. It is compulsory as regulated by the Government. For sure, it will be one of your best experiences.

Undoubtedly, jeep safari ride will be your most worthy part of this trip. Think yourself after coming back, don’t you want to visit the beauty again?

Dudhsagar Jeep Safari - Rules

  • Full ticket is applicable for children aged 4 and above.
  • According to the requests of District Magistrate, it is mandatory for each to wear a life jacket during the jeep safari for safety reasons. For the same, a minimal rental fee is charged.
  • Forest department charges a nominal forest entry fee per person at the time of your visit
  • Forest department charges additional fees for cameras or other pieces of equipment

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Total Cost: 1,749.00

Child (6-9 Years)
Child (3-5 Year)
  • As per your preferred time slot, ensure reaching 15 minutes before report at the tickets counter
  • On the day of the tour, jeeps will be allotted to the guests with online bookings. Based on the time slot, the queue will be systematically cleared. Subsequently, there may be a delay in the schedule and the allotment of jeeps as well.
  • If you experience delays in jeep allotment due to unpredicted circumstances, kindly be patient and abide by the final decision of the DTOA personnel.
  • Kindly note in advance, per person, can book a maximum of only FIVE (5) jeeps through the online booking mode.
General Rules
  • Jeep with less than seven guests won’t be permitted in the jungle (Spare a few minutes for the jeep to get allotted since it takes time to identify a group of 7)
  • Security is kept at the forefront. Hence, guests are requested to wear their rented life jackets to board the jeep once it is allotted
  • The to and fro ride to Dudhsagar falls take 45 minutes each from the DTOA booking office
  • Guests are permitted a total of 1 hour 30 minutes to spend time after arriving at the Dudhsagar falls. This time is applicable from the moment you are dropped at the parking area, till returning to the assigned jeep.
  • The same jeep will drop you back to the starting point of the tour, so do take note of the vehicle number.
  • Since it’s a deep bumpy ride inside the jungle, guests need to abide by the rules and regulations laid by the forest department
  • Make your way to the popular Dudhsagar falls located in Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. This wildlife sanctuary is home to many wild animals and migratory birds. As per the Govt guidelines and wildlife rules, feeding of monkeys, getting closer to snakes or other creatures is strictly prohibited
  • If anyone wants to carry plastic bags and water bottles, guests need to bring it back since the use of plastic is banned inside the sanctuary. Do take the experience of wildlife, except do not litter the same
Photo: dudhsagar-waterfall, Goa (India)
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