Dudhsagar Falls Visit 2018

Goa is not a typical tourist destination, there is not such a large number of tourist buses, and before that there were not many tourists-excursionists. Previously, people came to Goa just to travel independently. Now the influx of holidaymakers is growing, including more and middle-aged and older people, who are accustomed to go on trips on buses with guides. For them, tours are organized by tour operators, as well as numerous small private companies, whose advertising booklets are distributed directly on the beaches.

Jeeps bring tourists to the waterfall, and give them an hour of time for a walk and sightseeing, then you need to go back to the parking lot. The waterfall itself has a height of 310 meters, At the end of the road, there is still a little way to go on foot, around in the thickets there will be monkeys, which can be fed with bananas, tomatoes or cookies.